February 26, 2012

High Heeled Cupcakes

My sister in law, Erica, shared her most recent baking adventure with me last week and I was absolutely excited to share it with you. I asked her to take a picture and she happily obliged.

Behold: cupcakes that are high heels.

How adorable are these?!

Of course, she found these on Pinterest and knew that they would be perfect for the party that her and her friends were hosting. Besides, Erica loves anything and everything involving shoes, so I can say that I was not surprised when I saw this picture and how magnificent and detailed they were. Besides, she's a baking genius!

I think my favorite is the black one with the white piping and the hot pink cupcake liner. Fierce!

If you want to make these yourself - which seeing as how cute they are, I totally recommend it - definitely go out and buy Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh My! from your local bookstore or Amazon.

I own What's New, Cupcake? from the same author and have made a few cupcakes that have been a huge hit, including these adorable Corn on the Cob cupcakes I made last summer.


Happy Baking!!

February 25, 2012

[photoaday] Days 24 & 25

For days 24 and 25, I was to show you the inside of my bathroom cabinet and then find something that's the color green.

Instead, I took a tour of my bathroom because the decor is green! I hope you enjoy.. it's not that exciting, and bathrooms are kind of strange to be showing off.

But I promise you that it was clean when I took these pictures!

The inside of our linen closet. These are not the only towels we own, I just hadn't finished laundry yet.

One of my better organizational days. I went to Dollar Tree and bought plastic baskets to put our crap in. Now I have a basket for all of my girly things, Joey has one for his manly things, one is full of soaps and lotions, and one has unmentionables and my fingernail polish.

Our pretty shower curtain. I actually had just bought it the night before on a whim. I love the bold print and the gray/green combination. And that rug! SO luxurious feeling on your toesies.

This is our other catch-all for junk. The top has all my perfumes, and the black cubbies have our go-to cold medicines, allergy pills, Icy Hot, etc. Don't worry, they aren't full.

Just relax ;)

The vanity. I wish this was bigger, but I guess I can't complain. It serves it's purpose! One of the things that I love about my apartment is just how white everything is. It just looks so fresh!

Do you see me being awkward and not wanting to be in the picture? Yeah, that's me!

The linen closet. And my mortal enemy, the scale.

So as you can tell, my bathroom looks like this always and if you just randomly come over one day it will be spotless for you. KIDDING, NO IT WON'T. Please don't do that!

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February 23, 2012

[photoaday] Days 20, 21 & 23

Day 20. Handwriting

People say my handwriting is awesome.

I would agree with them, because I sort of* love myself.


In all seriousness, I don't think my handwriting is that great. Now, in high school and college, my handwriting was completely beautiful. I wrote all the time, so I perfected every letter and made a point of taking my time to write. I was told a lot that my handwriting could be a font.

Now that I do all of my work and fun on a computer, my handwriting has suffered. But I still think it's fun, and write any chance I get.

Day 21. A Fave Photo of Me

This is a picture of me getting glammed up before my wedding. My friend Jonny (J Miller Photography) took this picture, and as I mentioned before, he did my entire wedding and is incredibly talented. Go to his website. Book him. Love him.

Back to the picture. Of me. (see above)

I love the focus on my face while the rest is blurry, the way I don't look like Bridezilla (which is how I felt) and just how mostly peaceful the entire setting is (when my insides were jumping).

Also, my hair is FABULOUS. *ahem*

My makeup artist was my amazing, beautiful, talented, hilarious and close friend Cayse. She and I have been friends since high school. As girls and relationships go, things haven't always been smooth between us, and there was those 2 years that I lived 3 hours away, but she and I have gotten close again and I am so grateful. 

She is one of the only people I can really talk to. Not just speak, but talk. I treasure our friendship a lot. <3

She is an Esthetician at a local salon/spa and I think this profession totally suits her. When I got engaged, I knew immediately that I did not trust anyone else with my face besides her. Plus, she knows me and my beauty habits. Read: I have none. I trusted her to make me look hot without making me look like Jersey Shore. She did an amazing job and I love her!

Day 23. My Shoes

I know you're probably thinking, "UM HELLO. You totally forgot #22 and I have been keeping up with this and am really upset that you missed a day and are totally trying to just pass it off like you didn't and now I'm never reading your blog again."

Let me take the time to say I'm sorry for offending you. But come on, you'll be back for more. You love me. Remember? I'm awesome (see above).

I didn't want to take a picture of my work. Mainly, it's just a building. It has windows and a front door that you need an ID to get in. There is no signage on my building. There is no foliage. It really has quite the depressing curb appeal. So I skipped that day. Sue me! (But really don't because I'm low on funds.)

So for day 23, I took a picture of my new pretty Toms. I have wanted a new pair since I got my first ones last fall (the gray classics). These are black and burlap and sexy. My brother calls them hospital slippers. So I guess that makes these sexy hospital slippers? I should market that...

I really do encourage you to go buy a pair of Toms. Or at least read up on the charity. Basically, for every pair bought, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. It's a really neat organization and I am happy to do my part, and get a pair of totally sweet shoes in the process.

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February 20, 2012

[photoaday] Days 18 & 19

Day 18. Drink

This is a pretty boring picture. But on Saturday, Joey and I were running errands and stopped by Subway for lunch. Yum!

Right now, any regular footlong is $5, so I got a sweet onion chicken teriyaki on wheat bread with tons of veggies. Joey of course got his Italian BMT on monterey cheddar bread with little to no veggies. ;)

Next month, their special $5 footlong is Jalapeno Tuna. Really? Yuck.

Day 19. Something I Hate to Do

I hhhhhaaaaaaaate most household chores. Cleaning the bathroom. Dishes. Laundry. Well, no actually I like laundry. I just hate my personal habit of doing a million loads and then waiting to hang them all up at once. It's daunting and I kind of just don't and then wear slightly wrinkled clothes. True fact.

But I hate making my bed. This comforter is HEAVY. It's a king size for our queen sized bed, but it's just made of industrial material or something. Annoying. But it's so pretty! I snagged it on clearance awhile back from Target; it was from their Missoni collection. The colors are pretty muted instead of vibrant (which I normally go for), but the underside is a gorgeous purple color that I couldn't pass up!

I adore it.

But I hate making it!

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February 17, 2012

[photoaday] Day 17: Time

Day 17. Time

Again, I love my desktop. Pretty pretty.

This is my sweet screensaver. I think it's so graphically pleasing to look at. I don't remember where I got it, but it was some download that made me nervous to load into my computer. In the end, it was worth it because I adore how it looks!

This was right before Joey and I went out to dinner. I love date nights! <3

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Stuffed Crust Pizza

For dinner last night, I experimented with something awesome.

I had a refrigerated pizza crust, pizza sauce, pepperonis... and string cheese. I knew I was making a pizza, but then I decided WHY NOT MAKE THIS AN AWESOME PIZZA INSTEAD?!

So voila, stuffed crust pizza. :)


I basically just rolled out the dough, pushing it thinner around the perimeter. Then, I placed a string cheese side-by-side, pulling the dough up over each stick and firmly pressing down, sealing it in.

I covered it in pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and baked it at 425 F for 15 minutes, or until the cheese was bubbly and the dough was cooked.

It was delicious. 

The only issue I had was in some parts, the string cheese firmed up instead of being melty and gooey. 

But I used Weight Watchers brand string cheese, so I'm wondering if I buy a package that is more fatty or whatever, maybe that would be help? I don't know. 

Regardless, it was totally yummy, super easy and relatively cheap (seeing as we have most of this on hand always).

Try it! You'll like it!

February 15, 2012

[photoaday] Days 13, 14 & 15

This week has been hectic...... to say the least.

I am not going to divulge why this week has been hectic, as it is incredibly personal to me and my family. But if you are friends with me on Facebook and have been following my statuses, feel free to drop me a message and I will fill you in as best I can.

But alas, this week has caused me to be behind on my Photo a Day challenge. This week I kind of cheated. 2 of my 3 photos were old photos that I decided to upload to Instagram to serve their purposes.


Day 13. Blue

This is my pretty Kitchen Aid. It is super duper pretty. 

I was never a baker growing up, heck I didn't spend more time in the kitchen than it took to set the table, eat, and clean my dishes. Once I became married and had my own kitchen, with my brand spankin' new kitchen tools and gadgets, I turned into this gigantic Godzilla-esque monster who only would stop injuring innocent civilians if I was bought a Kitchen Aid - and STAT.

I registered for one when we got married, but was so glad that I wasn't given it as a gift. Most Kitchen Aid's in stores come in red, white or black. My kitchen has all red counter appliances (as you can see by the toaster peeking around the corner there), but I didn't want a red stand mixer. I also didn't want a white or black, because even though it's practical because they go with EVERYTHING, I didn't want to have the same stand mixer as everyone else. (ridiculous, but really, can you blame me?)

Joey let me do some research on prices and colors and stores that carried them, all the while telling me that it probably wasn't in the cards. I finally found an amazing price on the Artisan Series stand mixer at Best Buy. One look (and I think the promise of MLB.TV for him...) and he was butter.

I had to order it, obviously, but it was worth the wait. The official color is Ice. Yum! I love her, she is gorgeous, my favorite color and just so completely perfect with my apple red appliances.

(this picture is old, from the day I unpacked it, in my old apartment. see? I've been busy.)


Day 14. Heart

This picture obviously isn't old. This was Joey's Valentine's day gift to me on Tuesday. After having such a terrible start to a terrible week, I completely forgot that Tuesday was Valentine's day... but my ever-wonderful and loving husband did not.

I woke up, after he had gone to work, to find this on the coffee table in our living room. I was just waking up from a pretty steady 16-hour sleep marathon (I told you I was having a hectic week!) and stumbled into the dark, looking for the light switch. This caught my eye immediately! I have been wanting this book since it came out, because a) the title just speaks to me and b) she is hilarious! I haven't started reading it yet, but I can't wait to start. Maybe tomorrow!

The candy is also good because what is better for a diabetic than a HUGE HEART SHAPED BOX OF ASSORTED CANDY! YAY!!! ;) just kidding - love you!

(for anyone that asks, I got him a $25 iTunes gift card for apps, books, whatever. So shush.)

Day 15. Phone

This photo is old in that I took this picture of my iPhone cover the night I bought it, like 2 weeks ago. But as you know I love, love, love my new iPhone 4S and am incredibly happy with everything I now get to experience as a true Mac junkie. I am super in to wood grain right now as well, so I jumped on this plastic, wood grain iPhone cover the second I saw it at Target (of course). It probably looks better with a black iPhone, but I am pleased. :)

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February 12, 2012

[photoaday] Day 12: Inside My Closet

Day 12. Inside My Closet

Inside my closet would be unorganized chaos. And a ton of missing clothes... I haven't done laundry in almost 5 days. Ack!

The right side of the picture is actually the back of my bedroom door reflecting in the mirrored closet doors. I have a 3-tiered hanger that I clip my scarves to for easy access. I love how simple it is, and that it's hidden behind my bedroom door so no one ever sees it!

You can also tell I have a thing right now for mustard yellow. I wish I wasn't so pale, so I could make it a focal point in my wardrobe, because I love wearing it. For now, I just have it in accent pieces like the cardigan and scarf seen above.

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February 11, 2012

[photoaday] Days 10 & 11

Day 10. Self Portrait

Yesterday was one of the worst days for me in 2012 thus far. I mean a complete bottom of the barrel, "can I start this day over?" kind of day.

So it made me laugh at the end of my day at work when I glanced at my desk calendar.

I bought it at Urban Outfitters at the end of last year because I thought it would spark my creativity. It's one where each day it prompts you to finish the story that it starts. So this one was, "He needs a first aid kit! Draw one!" and I was like, no little buddy. Today sucked, so be a big boy and take that asteroid like a man.

Metaphors. Hilarious.

Day 11. Makes Me Happy

So then naturally, the next day would be Makes Me Happy. Ugh, the world is a silly place.

So I took a collective picture of:

My husband.
My new car.
The sunshine (despite the freezing weather).
My pretty pear necklace.
Country music on the radio.

Today was a new day, and these things made me happy.

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February 9, 2012

DIY Yarn Wreath & Felt Flowers

This post needs no introduction. Just go read my last post. Then, let's agree to disagree that I'm certifiably insane, and just get on with our lives.

I got this idea off of Pinterest, of course. But what made me the most happy was that it came from one of my favorite blogs out there, Mrs. Priss (seriously, check out her blog). She is a super crafty, ultra fashionable and unapologetically hilarious lady, who can blog the crap out of anything.. in a great way! I also love following on Twitter. I only wish we could be friends in real life. And with that, I am officially riding the creeper train all the way to Creeperville.

So hey.... yeah! Let's do this!

I'm going to show you how to make your own yarn wreath. It's really simple, I swear. And a lot of fun. This was my first one, and it took me about two hours to complete. I blame that on the fact that a) I'm a perfectionist and b) my iPad was really distracting when I kept getting frustrated at myself for being a perfectionist. 
Here is what you need:

A ball of yarn for wrapping (note: I did not use this whole ball of yarn)
Felt to make your flowers
& not pictured:
A glue gun, a pencil and a CD - or any circular object
(the last 2 can be omitted if you wanna freeball it)
Oh, hey yeah... listen up. This wreath does not have to be perfect. My final result is bumpy and some pieces of yarn are out of place.... but I love it! I probably could have knocked a half an hour off my time if I hadn't been trying to get each piece to lay flat.

1) Wrapping the Yarn

Start by wrapping your yarn around the wreath. This takes the most time, is the most aggravating and seriously will unearth any OCD tendencies that you didn't know you had. [Luckily, my OCD tendencies are very much present on the surface, so this wasn't an earth-shattering experience for me.]
This step is not difficult, so don't over-think it. Take the beginning (or is it the end? Crap, there I go, over-thinking it...) of your yarn and tie it around the wreath, leaving a bit of extra yarn. A tail, if you must. 

Then, slow and steady, just weave your ball of yarn in and out, pulling tight with each turn.

This is halfway through the wrapping process. See how straight the yarn is? HAHA YEAH

Eventually you'll have covered the entire wreath with the yarn and you'll want to go run a mile or something. Go do that now.

But first! Take the ball of yarn and cut it from your wreath, leaving a couple inches. Take the end and tie it to the tail from the knot you tied originally. Snip the excess and voila! You're done!

2) The Flowers
I got these tutorials from a mix of places. I've made the felt flowers before for a different wreath, but the pom pom flowers come from Mrs. Priss, so I want to make sure she gets the credit.

This step is the most fun, in my opinion. The color choices are endless. Make it classic with just one color. Make them green and red for Christmas... or pastels for Easter! Red and pink for Valentine's Day, maybe...?

Or pick a ton of colors like I did and go CRAZY!

Simple Rose


Take your CD, or other circular object, and trace around onto the felt. ** The bigger the object, the bigger the rose. Same goes for small roses - use a small object. (Remember before, this step could totally be freeballed if you have the capabilities of making a circle happen out of thin air and aren't ridden with these pesky OCD tendencies....)


Cut the circle out of the felt and then, starting anywhere, cut a spiral into the felt. I don't know how I don't have a picture of this. Basically just cut and keep moving the felt in circles until you've made the spiral.

Then take one of the ends of the spiral and start wrapping it around itself. The picture above shows how it started to resemble a rose halfway through. Pretty, right??


Once you are done and you have your cute little rose, hot glue the end of the spiral to the bottom.

Simple, right? I told you!

Here's a pink one! Awww *squish*

Pom Pom Flower

This one is just as easy, but a little more.....um.. frustrating?

Take a piece of felt in the color you want and cut a 2" or so strip down the side.

Then, glue each end together. Not the middle! No! Just the ends.

Like so.

After you've done that, and then realized that cheap $.25/sheet felt will never, ever, ever in a million years fold flat and you've had a major panic attack and totally scrapped the whole project, take a deep breath. And don't get out the iron, that's just dumb. 

Just... relax.


Cut little snippets along the folded *ahem* side of the felt. Do not cut through all the way, I'd say go about halfway through. Remember, this is on the folded side, not the open side.


Then, just take one end, doesn't matter which one, and roll and tug like you would a sleeping bag. This was the most annoying part for me. If you roll it too tight, you don't get a good pom pom shape. But if you don't roll tight enough, you just get *plop* (I don't know what *plop* is).

Pretty flowers! The pink one is bigger because I made a pink flower, then made another pink strip and wrapped it around the first one. A double flower! :)


Lay out the flowers how you want them on your wreath. Stagger your big roses against your pom poms and tuck the small rosettes in as fillers. Do it however you want! The best part about it being a wreath is that you can do anything with it. I like my flowers on the bottom at an angle, but if I wanted to hang the wreath with them at the bottom, it looks just as good!

I took a picture of how it looked and then went to my hot glue station. I hot glued each rose to the wreath and then went around and poked each one to make sure the glue held during the making of each rose, and I glued them together so they wouldn't droop.


Here is a bigger picture of how I laid mine out. This took me a while, and I ended up making 2 more flowers because I felt there wasn't enough to make it stand out. 

I love, love, love my final product!

For fun, I used the ones I made today and turned them into a bouquet of roses.

It's another cute idea for Valentine's Day!

Just get some wooden skewers and hot glue them to the center of each rose (before you would have hot glued the bottoms on). Use green paint, or floral tape, to decorate the skewers.. and make them staggering sizes since they are so bulky. Put them in a vase or tie with a ribbon and give to your special someone!

How cute! ;)

[photoaday] Day 9: Front Door

HEY!! This post is going to be super-duper lame. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Day 9. Front Door

I have never been so proud of anything in my life.

Not my 2 college degrees.
Not my wedding, which was soaked with my blood, sweat and tears.
Not having a job that provides me with food, water, shelter and safety.


None of those things comes close to the pride I feel with this wreath. Everything I wanted it to look like came true.

Isn't that a great feeling? Imagining something in your mind, willing it to come true, and then not believing your eyes when it ends up better than you even imagined in the first place?

I like to think I am a crafty person. I am the daughter of an artist; a true to life artist. My dad made his living by painting, drawing, graphic designing and yeah, imagining. [Granted, most of his work was incredibly analytical and was mainly for science textbooks, but he is still beyond talented.] I can't draw to save my life. Painting by numbers is my cup of tea. Graphic design would go wonderfully with my advertising degree, but somehow my advisor and I managed to not sign me up for any Photoshop classes. Smart!

But... imagining. I can imagine beautiful things. Interior design, graphics, scrapbook pages, fashion, you name it. I feel like I have a good eye for what is pretty, and also for what could be amazing. But putting it to life, and making something out of my visions? That's damn near impossible.

This wreath turned out to be the best thing that's happened for my psyche in a while. I took an image on Pinterest and turned it into my own design. And it worked! It's beautiful. It's totally me. The colors, the flowers, the simplicity. It just screams my style.

So, you adoring fans you, I suggest you go get some pretty yarn. And a wreath. While you're at it, some funky felt. And your hot glue gun and some scissors to boot.

And stay tuned for my own DIY Wreath post.

And make your own.

You know you wanna.

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