February 15, 2012

[photoaday] Days 13, 14 & 15

This week has been hectic...... to say the least.

I am not going to divulge why this week has been hectic, as it is incredibly personal to me and my family. But if you are friends with me on Facebook and have been following my statuses, feel free to drop me a message and I will fill you in as best I can.

But alas, this week has caused me to be behind on my Photo a Day challenge. This week I kind of cheated. 2 of my 3 photos were old photos that I decided to upload to Instagram to serve their purposes.


Day 13. Blue

This is my pretty Kitchen Aid. It is super duper pretty. 

I was never a baker growing up, heck I didn't spend more time in the kitchen than it took to set the table, eat, and clean my dishes. Once I became married and had my own kitchen, with my brand spankin' new kitchen tools and gadgets, I turned into this gigantic Godzilla-esque monster who only would stop injuring innocent civilians if I was bought a Kitchen Aid - and STAT.

I registered for one when we got married, but was so glad that I wasn't given it as a gift. Most Kitchen Aid's in stores come in red, white or black. My kitchen has all red counter appliances (as you can see by the toaster peeking around the corner there), but I didn't want a red stand mixer. I also didn't want a white or black, because even though it's practical because they go with EVERYTHING, I didn't want to have the same stand mixer as everyone else. (ridiculous, but really, can you blame me?)

Joey let me do some research on prices and colors and stores that carried them, all the while telling me that it probably wasn't in the cards. I finally found an amazing price on the Artisan Series stand mixer at Best Buy. One look (and I think the promise of MLB.TV for him...) and he was butter.

I had to order it, obviously, but it was worth the wait. The official color is Ice. Yum! I love her, she is gorgeous, my favorite color and just so completely perfect with my apple red appliances.

(this picture is old, from the day I unpacked it, in my old apartment. see? I've been busy.)


Day 14. Heart

This picture obviously isn't old. This was Joey's Valentine's day gift to me on Tuesday. After having such a terrible start to a terrible week, I completely forgot that Tuesday was Valentine's day... but my ever-wonderful and loving husband did not.

I woke up, after he had gone to work, to find this on the coffee table in our living room. I was just waking up from a pretty steady 16-hour sleep marathon (I told you I was having a hectic week!) and stumbled into the dark, looking for the light switch. This caught my eye immediately! I have been wanting this book since it came out, because a) the title just speaks to me and b) she is hilarious! I haven't started reading it yet, but I can't wait to start. Maybe tomorrow!

The candy is also good because what is better for a diabetic than a HUGE HEART SHAPED BOX OF ASSORTED CANDY! YAY!!! ;) just kidding - love you!

(for anyone that asks, I got him a $25 iTunes gift card for apps, books, whatever. So shush.)

Day 15. Phone

This photo is old in that I took this picture of my iPhone cover the night I bought it, like 2 weeks ago. But as you know I love, love, love my new iPhone 4S and am incredibly happy with everything I now get to experience as a true Mac junkie. I am super in to wood grain right now as well, so I jumped on this plastic, wood grain iPhone cover the second I saw it at Target (of course). It probably looks better with a black iPhone, but I am pleased. :)

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