November 3, 2012

Halloween & Ghost Cookies

I hope everyone had a wonderfully spooky Halloween! Joey and I went to see my Grandpa in his nursing home with all my little cousins all dressed up in their costumes. It was delightfully adorable to see them all pretending to be dead prom queens, witches and ninjas. My oldest (little) cousin was Bob Marley, and man, was he too cool for school. Brady, my nephew, was Spiderman and so were my twin cousins that are also the same age.... so the three of them thought that was pretty neat!

After visiting my Grandpa, we went and bought some bags of candy (nothing like the last minute) and handed it all out to trick or treaters in the neighborhood. There were TONS of little baby Cardinals players, so that was cute. We didn't get many teenagers, but we also ran out of candy at like 8pm. Ha!!

We spent the Sunday evening prior to Halloween with my brother and his family doing a fun spooky appetizer themed dinner! My sister-in-law LOVES Halloween and really went all out with the food and decorations. We had mummy hot dogs, pumpkin dip, cheese ball mice... just to name a few. Her bean dip even had a face! My sister made witches fingers out of pretzel rods and green candy melts, but I didn't get a picture of those.

I contributed these adorable cookies to the dinner, and also to work on Halloween day itself. They were super easy to make and everyone was really excited about them. I got so many compliments at work!

TO MAKE: All you need are 3 ingredients that can be found at probably any store. I got them at Walmart! Just grab a package of Keebler Elf fudge cookies (I've seen Nutter Butters used too), white melting chocolate and mini chocolate chips.

Melt the chocolate as directed on the package and dip the cookies in halfway, shaking off the excess. Place on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Before the chocolate cools, place 2 mini chocolate chips at the top for the eyes.

I put the cookie sheet in the fridge overnight and put them on a festive little pumpkin plate and the chocolate stayed hard the entire night!

Like I said, any oval-ish cookie can be used... I just love the elf cookies because it looks like they are wearing a ghost costume! *Note the poor elf in the middle of the picture on the left who put his sheet on upside down. Whoops!

You also can't go wrong with temporary tattoos! I was the office Tattoo Artist on Wednesday.... love!

Now bring on Thanksgiving!