February 7, 2012

[photoaday] Day 7: Button

Day 7. Button

This is a button on my coat. It's the only button I could find, and mostly I chose it because I am so! tired! of winter. 

Come on.... is it spring yet? We've seriously been tricked by gorgeous light jacket weather and sunshine (most days) and now? Now?



BOOOOOOOOO! (at least it's only 34 degrees so none of it is sticking.....*fingers crossed*)


Joey tweeted this to me just now. Hilarious! But true. 

I miss the days when snow = schools were closed though. Getting to work is such a drag when I drive by tons of houses knowing all those smelly kids are back in their beds and not having to do work all day. 

Oh, if I could only be 10 years younger...

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