February 20, 2012

[photoaday] Days 18 & 19

Day 18. Drink

This is a pretty boring picture. But on Saturday, Joey and I were running errands and stopped by Subway for lunch. Yum!

Right now, any regular footlong is $5, so I got a sweet onion chicken teriyaki on wheat bread with tons of veggies. Joey of course got his Italian BMT on monterey cheddar bread with little to no veggies. ;)

Next month, their special $5 footlong is Jalapeno Tuna. Really? Yuck.

Day 19. Something I Hate to Do

I hhhhhaaaaaaaate most household chores. Cleaning the bathroom. Dishes. Laundry. Well, no actually I like laundry. I just hate my personal habit of doing a million loads and then waiting to hang them all up at once. It's daunting and I kind of just don't and then wear slightly wrinkled clothes. True fact.

But I hate making my bed. This comforter is HEAVY. It's a king size for our queen sized bed, but it's just made of industrial material or something. Annoying. But it's so pretty! I snagged it on clearance awhile back from Target; it was from their Missoni collection. The colors are pretty muted instead of vibrant (which I normally go for), but the underside is a gorgeous purple color that I couldn't pass up!

I adore it.

But I hate making it!

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