February 5, 2012

[photoaday] Day 5: 10a

Well, looks like it didn't take me long to forget to take a picture. Day 4 was supposed to be a stranger, but it didn't happen. It's kind of funny too, because I was out all day. I was surrounded ALL DAY by strangers.

Oh well!

Today I woke up around 9:40a and was listlessly laying in bed, checking up on facebook and twitter. Someone posted their 10 am picture and I shot out of bed (quite unliterally) and was like OH YEAH I AM DOING THIS THING!

Day 5. 10a

This is the view from my bed. My desk. I love, love, love my desk! It's in the perfect little nook of our bedroom and I am in the process of filling it with all of my treasures.

Below are some more pictures I took this afternoon of each little section for your perusal. :)

Top Left: I found these at Hobby Lobby before I had an apartment to speak of. I love them! Top Right: My collection of trinkets, my digital camera and a picture of my mom (heart frame) and an old army pic of my dad (propped up against the lamp) Bottom Left: All of my hangables, 2 B's from the wedding, a medal I received in high school, the list of shows we watch in case we cancel DVR (ha) and a wall calendar devoted to my niece and nephew Bottom Right: My beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous mac. And a picture of my mom and dad at a wedding.


This stack is gone already (back on the bookshelf) and it wasn't ever even on my desk, but I love how it looks. I may have an iPad and the Kindle app, but I do love the feeling of holding a book and seeing them displayed on my bookshelf. I just thought this was a neat picture. :)

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