February 23, 2012

[photoaday] Days 20, 21 & 23

Day 20. Handwriting

People say my handwriting is awesome.

I would agree with them, because I sort of* love myself.


In all seriousness, I don't think my handwriting is that great. Now, in high school and college, my handwriting was completely beautiful. I wrote all the time, so I perfected every letter and made a point of taking my time to write. I was told a lot that my handwriting could be a font.

Now that I do all of my work and fun on a computer, my handwriting has suffered. But I still think it's fun, and write any chance I get.

Day 21. A Fave Photo of Me

This is a picture of me getting glammed up before my wedding. My friend Jonny (J Miller Photography) took this picture, and as I mentioned before, he did my entire wedding and is incredibly talented. Go to his website. Book him. Love him.

Back to the picture. Of me. (see above)

I love the focus on my face while the rest is blurry, the way I don't look like Bridezilla (which is how I felt) and just how mostly peaceful the entire setting is (when my insides were jumping).

Also, my hair is FABULOUS. *ahem*

My makeup artist was my amazing, beautiful, talented, hilarious and close friend Cayse. She and I have been friends since high school. As girls and relationships go, things haven't always been smooth between us, and there was those 2 years that I lived 3 hours away, but she and I have gotten close again and I am so grateful. 

She is one of the only people I can really talk to. Not just speak, but talk. I treasure our friendship a lot. <3

She is an Esthetician at a local salon/spa and I think this profession totally suits her. When I got engaged, I knew immediately that I did not trust anyone else with my face besides her. Plus, she knows me and my beauty habits. Read: I have none. I trusted her to make me look hot without making me look like Jersey Shore. She did an amazing job and I love her!

Day 23. My Shoes

I know you're probably thinking, "UM HELLO. You totally forgot #22 and I have been keeping up with this and am really upset that you missed a day and are totally trying to just pass it off like you didn't and now I'm never reading your blog again."

Let me take the time to say I'm sorry for offending you. But come on, you'll be back for more. You love me. Remember? I'm awesome (see above).

I didn't want to take a picture of my work. Mainly, it's just a building. It has windows and a front door that you need an ID to get in. There is no signage on my building. There is no foliage. It really has quite the depressing curb appeal. So I skipped that day. Sue me! (But really don't because I'm low on funds.)

So for day 23, I took a picture of my new pretty Toms. I have wanted a new pair since I got my first ones last fall (the gray classics). These are black and burlap and sexy. My brother calls them hospital slippers. So I guess that makes these sexy hospital slippers? I should market that...

I really do encourage you to go buy a pair of Toms. Or at least read up on the charity. Basically, for every pair bought, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. It's a really neat organization and I am happy to do my part, and get a pair of totally sweet shoes in the process.

Keep coming back every day this month to see my #photoaday grow!
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