February 2, 2012

[photoaday] Day 2: Words

Day 2. Words

This is an email Joey sent me a couple months ago. I was feeling pretty down about myself and what I was doing with my life. Because at 24, I feel like I should have everything figured out.

He, with this very sweet email, made me realize that I don't need my future planned out when I have the best present right now. And before you all vomit, and I know you will because I am so totally vomiting right now and you know that vomiting is a chain reaction, I am not calling Joey a present. I am merely referring to this moment in time. You know, the present.

Although I'm sure he'll want me to say that he is a gift from god.

In all seriousness, though, I do love my husband for all of the reasons he mentioned and more. He is my best friend, my keeper of secrets and the only person on the planet that understands why I do the things I do.

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  1. Aw, I love you. You are so creative. You do a great job on your blog.

  2. Ah my nephew is so romantic,for him to remember all that most guys don't even remember a quarter of that.Yes you were meant to be together and that came from God. Love you both.and God Bless! (Vomit not) P.S didn't know I read your Blog ha?