January 13, 2012

J Miller Photography [image heavy]

Hello friends!

I am taking the moment real fast to plug a good friend of mine, Jonny Miller. He is an awesome, hilarious and an all around nice dude.

And he takes some pretty amazing photographs.

We were lucky enough to get his photo-takin' services for our wedding in February of 2010. We were ecstatic given the fact that most of our wedding was handmade, so having talented friends just made the occasion so much more special. Jonny was no exception!

Of course, him being our friend made it incredibly easy for me to feel comfortable with him being in all of my more intimate moments. You know, in my dressing room, in front of me as I walked down the aisle and in my face for the first kiss. But he also just has this naturalness about him, and is so at ease with what he does, I really didn't even notice him!

Jonny has been there for a lot of my moments in the last 2 years. He did our wedding, like I said, but he also took our engagement pictures and most recently a family shoot for my father's Christmas present.

If you have anything coming up in the future, I honestly recommend giving him a call or shooting him an email. He has a Twitter, a Facebook, a blog and of course, a website. I am going to list them below, so please, take a look around at his portfolio and resume. 

He's the bees knees!

Twitter; click
Facebook; click
Blog; click
Website; click

Below are some of my favorite memories from my personal collection that Jonny has been gracious enough to preserve forever. Enjoy!




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