February 25, 2012

[photoaday] Days 24 & 25

For days 24 and 25, I was to show you the inside of my bathroom cabinet and then find something that's the color green.

Instead, I took a tour of my bathroom because the decor is green! I hope you enjoy.. it's not that exciting, and bathrooms are kind of strange to be showing off.

But I promise you that it was clean when I took these pictures!

The inside of our linen closet. These are not the only towels we own, I just hadn't finished laundry yet.

One of my better organizational days. I went to Dollar Tree and bought plastic baskets to put our crap in. Now I have a basket for all of my girly things, Joey has one for his manly things, one is full of soaps and lotions, and one has unmentionables and my fingernail polish.

Our pretty shower curtain. I actually had just bought it the night before on a whim. I love the bold print and the gray/green combination. And that rug! SO luxurious feeling on your toesies.

This is our other catch-all for junk. The top has all my perfumes, and the black cubbies have our go-to cold medicines, allergy pills, Icy Hot, etc. Don't worry, they aren't full.

Just relax ;)

The vanity. I wish this was bigger, but I guess I can't complain. It serves it's purpose! One of the things that I love about my apartment is just how white everything is. It just looks so fresh!

Do you see me being awkward and not wanting to be in the picture? Yeah, that's me!

The linen closet. And my mortal enemy, the scale.

So as you can tell, my bathroom looks like this always and if you just randomly come over one day it will be spotless for you. KIDDING, NO IT WON'T. Please don't do that!

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