November 11, 2011

What a week...

This has been such a roller coaster week. I am still really upset about it and can't really think about the decisions we had to make without completely crying. Basically, we adopted a puppy and then found that it was a terrible decision for our life right now. We bonded with him for a week but then had to take him back to the shelter. I feel like a monster, but little Leo deserves a better home than what we could have provided for him. He was a bright light in our lives, but he was also way more work that we ever could have imagined. But I want to end my talking about Leo on a happy note... so here is a cute picture of the fluffy little man that peed all over my carpets. ;)

But here are some other things that happened this week that made me happy:
  • Seeing Ben Folds in concert with my lovely friend Kirstie. He performed a show with the St. Louis Symphony last Sunday... it was incredible. Honestly the coolest thing I've seen. He played an entire show by himself on the piano, with his entire set scored to include an orchestra. He played "Gracie" and it was phenomenal. That song seriously makes me tear up for no reason, and hearing it on Sunday was magical. (lame!)

  • Joey wrote me a love note (okay email... but it's 2011 come on!) since I've been so down about the puppy. I'm obviously not going to share the note with you, but I'll just let you know that I love him very, very, very much. On November 23rd we'll have been together 6 years, with 1.5 of those years as a married couple. That is CRAZY! :)

A surprise date in Forest Park: Summer 2006
  • Kirstie, as mentioned above, and I are planning a sweet Ornament Party to kick off the holidays! If it turns out a success, I hope it can become a tradition and our Christmas trees will be forever filled with homemade tokens of love from friends. (gag!) Seriously, I'm gagging. But it was cute so I'm keeping it. It's fun since Pinterest is sooooo crazy explosively huge right now. Finding a cute DIY ornament for each of us to make will not be hard. The plan is for everyone to have enough supplies to make everyone at the party an ornament, and we'll all leave with one from everyone there. I think it's an awesome idea and definitely a great way to spend a Sunday while the boys (ahem, men) watch football.

    I think I am going to try making the one below, although it might be a little extreme if we have more than 5 people show up ;)

    source // Pinterest
    But I made my Felt Flower Wreath using these flowers and had a TON of fun doing it... and felt is really cheap at Hobby Lobby. I should have pins leftover somewhere from the wedding... maybe... and then yarn is mega cheap too. The most expensive thing I'll buy is probably those foam balls - those are PRICEY!
  • This is a little materialistic..... but I'm super excited about my new Bath and Body Works Christmas scented soaps. Fact: Christmas scents are the best.

  • Finally.... HARRY POTTER PART 2, YA'LL!

    I want to be a total nerd and watch all 8 movies back-to-back(-to-back), but then I stumbled across this little downer.... but... I still think I could do it! ;)

Whew! I think that was a pretty lengthy blog post for not having blogged in almost 2 weeks!

Until next time, nerds! <3


  1. I've missed your blog. Happy you have you back :)

  2. I am glad we didn't meet Shmosby or we may have had a second dog right now. Glad things are looking up.

  3. If you would have adopted LEO, I could have been his aunt, and that would have been supreme. You could still do it! ;D