November 18, 2011

These are facts.

1. Thanksgiving is next week. (whhhaaattt????)

1a. I am making green bean casserole for the first time. Watch me mess this up.

2. That means Christmas is just one measly month away.

3. Christmas lists are hard to make.

3a. #firstworldproblems, anyone?

4. No one will buy me an iPhone, so everyone sucks.

5. I really want a new pair of Toms. These, particularly:

5a. But if I had the lady balls, I would totally get these. OMGlitter!

6. Seriously, though, tell me what I want for Christmas. This is impossible.

7. We don't have room in our apartment this year for a full sized Christmas tree. It makes me so sad!!! But we are borrowing my families old mini-tree to set on our countertop. It won't be the same, but at least we'll have some Christmas cheer in this tiny old apartment.

8. I spend way too much time on lately. They have awesome organizational tips, fun crafts and mostly tasty looking recipes.

9. I think I am going to make this for the Christmas cards we get this year... I sure hope we get a lot!

We are sending our own out this year. We didn't send any out last year, so these will be our first "married couple" cards! I wanted to get ultra-cheesy and send out over the top photo cards, but we'll wait a little for those. We need a kid or something. Or a gerbil. (because apparently, we aren't dog people.)

10. I'm not going to ask again. Tell me what I want for Christmas.

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