November 25, 2011

Lazy Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Joey and I sure did. It was full of family, laughter, drinks and FOOD! Loads and loads of delicious food. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it definitely didn't disappoint this year.

I only wish I had leftovers!!

Today Joey and I are starting our Harry Potter Movie Marathon on this lazy 4 day weekend.

We plan on watching 1-4 today, and finishing up with 5-8 on Sunday. [Tomorrow we have another family Thanksgiving get-together.] I am super excited to finally watch all 8 movies in a row. They definitely aren't as good as the books, but I can't help loving the movies for what they are. I love the cast, the special effects and their British accents (ha!). I know they aren't 100% true to the books, but I don't care.

Besides, I want to be Emma Watson.

Watch this now. Thank me later.

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