November 22, 2011

10 Quotes on Pinterest that I Love

So, pretty much around this time of night you'll find me wasting time on Pinterest while Joey plays Modern Warfare 3. SNORE! (I'm definitely referencing MW3 here.. hehe.)

I love Pinterest, as I'm sure I've said before. My favorite things to pin are clothes/shoes and crafty things. I also love stumbling across quotes and inspirational thoughts, because more often than not, I find one that speaks to me and the mood I'm currently in.

Personally, I think that is one of the best parts of being able to think creatively. Not everyone can hear a song and relate it to an emotion they are feeling or to a memory they have. I can hear a song, a phrase or someone's voice and be instantly transported to days, weeks, months... even years in the past. Even smells or tastes can remind me of things I might have forgotten about unless otherwise reminded.

I remember walking into Joey's grandmother's house one day recently, and smelling the air freshener she had plugged in. I had the same freshener in my dorm room back in 2008, and for no reason other than my crazy brain doin' its thing, I remembered a conversation me and my suite-mate Janna had one night in our dorm's shared living room. I would have never remembered that conversation, nor would I have had any reason to seeing as it was a completely random night, but that plug-in totally transported me back to that dorm room, and it made me so happy.

I feel extremely lucky to have the ability to be reminded of events and conversations and emotions based on the trivial act of hearing a song or smelling an air freshener. That is a gift, and while I'm sure it's more common than I think, I do know that you should not take these things for granted because you never know what might happen.

I can't help but be reminded of my Mom every time we change the ink cartridges in the printers at work. Random, right? Ha. See, I used to help print and fold our church bulletins as a teen when my mom worked there as a receptionist. I spent many a summers day in a tiny windowless room in the back of the church, printing and folding, printing and folding (and trying not to swear when I got a papercut for fear of being smited). But my Mom was in the next room and I could hear her talking with her friend and colleague Jane, and she would come in every so often to check on me, and probably to make sure I hadn't passed out from the ink fumes. Those days were always some of my favorite days during those summers and now, I can't smell fresh ink and paper without thinking of my momma.... and god, actually. Don't smite me, bro.

So yes. Well. That kind of went totally off track... but I kinda like it. I hope you did too.
Do you have any examples of songs or even smells that remind you of particular memories? Please share! :)

The thought behind this blog was to share my Top 10 Quotes on Pinterest that I Love.
Obviously, I'm aware there are millions more that I probably would like, maybe even more, than the ones I have listed here. These are just my top 10 from the ones that are currently pinned on my Quotables board. Here goes!

(These are in no order... I'm not that OCD.. ahem.)

1. The below image is kind of what brought on this whole post.... I just love that something like this can make such an impact on your day. :)

2. Seriously, this makes me smile so much. I love this. Hold your head high, have your dignity and keep your cool. You are what matters, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

3. As you can, hopefully, tell... my mom and I were very close. She was my best friend. I said goodbye to her in 2009 and it was THE worst experience of my life. I would not wish this kind of heartbreak on my mortal enemy, if I had one.

4. This quote has been everywhere with me. I have a magnet of it on my fridge, and it thumbtacked to my cube at work. It has provided me so much comfort. I know it by heart. I love it.

5. This one is haunting. I love it. I wish it had punctuation because I'm not gonna lie, it took me a while. But I do really love this. The people you love become just as much a part of you as any part of you is. Chew on that.

6. This speaks volumes. I'm not going to talk about it. Just read it. And live it.

7. This makes me happy because it's just true. :)

8. I have to tell myself this one a lot, too. My mom used to tell me that just because nothing "exciting" or "new" happened, doesn't mean I had a bad day. She would get so upset when she asked how my day was and I said "boring" or "bad"... she would tell me that if something new! and exciting! happened to me every single day of my life, I would get so overwhelmed and wish for nothing to happen! I agree with that now... even if some days I wish weren't so boring. ;) I'm a work in progress.

9.  This one rings true for me because I have such a hard time letting things go. Even some of the more ridiculous things that shouldn't bother me so much. But how can I grow and move on if I keep letting little things trip me up?

10. And finally, paraphrasing my friend Cayse... life does not need to be taken so seriously! There ought to be more dancing. Especially awkward white girl dancing in a family full of Puerto Ricans. Is there any other way?!

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  1. Love the quotes and your personal comments. You are your own therapist! Awesome!