October 30, 2011

[After] Mini Pumpkin Pies


My camera died in the middle of making this recipe. I should have probably checked that before I started, but that's the story of my life.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to attempt these Mini Pumpkin Pies to take for a food day at work tomorrow. Here are the two before pictures I managed to snap before becoming camera-less.

(Woo, what a great photo log of my process! Ugh.)

So basically, make your pumpkin pie filling.

Then cut out your little pie crusts and line your muffin pan with them.

Pour the pumpkin pie filling in each and bake.

The original recipe has the instructions and they were super easy to follow and resulted in yummy mini pumpkin pies!

Next time I need to coat the pan with more cooking spray because as you can tell in some of the pies, the crust is flaking off. The rest of it is still firmly attached to the inside of the pan. Rats!

Oh well, I think they turned out super cute and I'm really proud of them. I'll garnish with some whipped cream tomorrow before serving them at work. Yay!

I love when things work out, even though my camera was dead. ;)

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  1. Love this idea. I'm taking them to work before Thanksgiving break.