October 16, 2011

New Autumn Clothes!

1. Scoopneck Sweater/Target  2. Belted Dress/Target  3. Rocket Dog Silk Flats/Famous Footwear  4. LS Shirt Aqua Plaid/Target  
5. Shawl Collar Cardigan/Old Navy  6. Cognac Midcalf Boots/Kohls  7. Columbia Fleece Jacket/Kohls

It's about to get all kinds of materialistic up in here.

1. This sweater is SO soft.. seriously, it's like butter. It comes in a lot of different colors, but I was really drawn to the white and black striped one. I know horizontal stripes aren't the best idea for those of us with... curves... but I just don't care! It's so beautifully soft. I kind of want to put it on my pillow and cuddle with it.

2. I fell in love with this dress due to it being knit and the perfect knee length. I have a really tall torso and really short legs, so I always have a hard time with dresses that are structured like this one. But this dress just.... fits. The belt is fantastic because it helps me cinch my waist, giving me definition.. which is GREAT! And I can use the belt for other dresses since it's not attached. Bonus!

3. I found out that my trusty black flats had holes in the soles when I wore them to work during a torrential downpour. Pair nasty wet flats with tights and you have a disaster on your hands. Welcome to my Wednesday. So I was in need (NEED) of new flats and these totally deliver. They don't have a wicked arch, they are super soft, and were relatively cheap for Famous Footwear. Love!

4. This shirt hasn't completely won me over yet, but so far I think we can be friends. It has a nice shape, but the hem rests at my hips, versus below my hips.. due to that whole long torso thing. It makes me a little uncomfortable because I'm used to buying things that fit longer, but I think if I use it as an undershirt for a sweater (or give up my insecurities) I will love it. Plus, it's aqua. No further explanation is needed.

5. I haven't worn this sweater yet, since it's still like 80 degrees here. Come on! But it's really soft, the red is more coral than a deep red, and the 3/4 length sleeve just makes me excited. I can't wait to pair it with a long sleeve white shirt, or wear it in the office for a punch of the holidays. It just is so precious.

6. These are my first pair of boots....ever! I have been looking all over for the perfect boots, but I've run into some serious problems. First, my calves are big. Second, my legs are SHORT. Third, boots are expensive as hell! I didn't want boots with heels, suede slouchy boots, or booties. It was really difficult. Just ask Joey... we spent easy 30 minutes in the shoe department as I made lazy circles and formulated a boot pro/con list in my head. Finally I found these babies, and I love them. The heel isn't that bad, the material feels decent and not that cheap, and the height being mid-calf is PERFECT. Hello, fall, I'm reeeeeady!!

7. Ahhhhh. My Columbia jacket. I have a gray one from last season, but the zipper broke in one of my lesser-proud moments of complete blind rage. I don't have these moments often..... that you need to know about, at least. Now I have a black one and my life is complete. COMPLETE. Seriously, if you don't have a Columbia jacket: get one. Thank me later!

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