December 6, 2011

Ornament Party

Last Sunday while the boys watched football, my gal pals Kirstie and Kristin and I had a super exciting, off the wall ornament party. By that I mean we made ornaments while gossiping and eating guacamole taco dip and bagel bites. That is some pretty compelling stuff.

Okay, okay, I am making it sound like it was lame, and I guess to others it might sound lame. But I had a blast and I really love hanging out with those girls. And crafts; I love crafts!

The ornament party in its conception was meant to bring all of the lady friends together to make ornaments for each other. You know, pick an ornament and make one for everyone there. That way we would all leave with an ornament from our friends! We still did that of course, but since only 3 of us were able to make it, it was a lot more low key and we just kind of free balled it. But it was so much fun and I definitely want to keep on the tradition next year!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of the ornament I made. Basically, I had a clear plastic bauble and filled it with white glitter to emulate snow. Then I placed a miniature pine cone that I 'dusted' with snow and some holly berries on top and glued the ornament closed. It was pretty cute, I have to admit. 

Kristin brought some clear glass baubles and different glitter paints and we all made our own colored ornaments! I made a teal one, of course, and I'm obsessed with it! I want to make more, more, more!

Kirstie got all fancy pants and made each of us a swirled one with our favorite colors. She made Kristin a black and white one, with red/black/white feathers attached to the top. It was stunning! When the paint dried, it kind of feathered inside of the ornament and it totally made it look professional. 

She made me one with green and blue paint, with a little owl pendant. I love it because it kind of turned into a globe, which is great because I have an obsession with globes. And the owl is just perfect. She knows me well!

My pretty new ornaments! Too bad I don't have a tree this year. I decided to rest them in our key holder because I want them to be seen and I love looking at them. :)

Then Kirstie surprised me with a second ornament.... Golden Snitches from Harry Potter!!

I am pretty sure I squealed. SQUEALED.

Look at how amazing these are!

The instructions she found on Pinterest included painting a gold bauble in swirls with golden paint. Kirstie found these premade ornaments in the clearance section, with red and green ones included. How lucky was that? Then she just painted white felt with silver glitter paint and affixed them to wire, creating the wings. Super easy, super cute.... super nerdy but I'm totally okay with that! I put all 3 of them on my little tree. ha!

I love my friends! 


  1. I forgot to send you a picture! I will do that tonight at some point and text it your way. I had so much fun too :) More craft days in the future!

  2. Can't wait til our next hot craft date!