June 15, 2012



Well, technically, it isn't summer yet and this is actually kind of a sore subject with me. (which is weird, because I brought it up...) You see, my birthday is the first day of summer, and I refuse to acknowledge the solstice until I have a tiara on my head, cake in my belly and presents in my hands.

Or you know, until I'm surrounded by my friends and family who all love me for me. Blah, bored. Whatever! ;)

This year has just been so warm right off the bat. I mean, I was wearing flip flops and my light cardigans in February. I had hot pink on my toes and the windows down in my car in March. We had the occasional cold day, sure, but really I've been feeling the summer itch for about 4 months now. So what is 4 more days, really??!

Besides I've already had like 4 snocones already. There is nothing more officially summer than that.

On a gorgeous night here recently, we played catch in my in-laws backyard. The pictures of me were waaaaaaayyy less than flattering, thankyouverymuch, but the ones of my husband and his father warm my heart. He is very fortunate to have a relationship with his father on this Father's Day weekend.

Here's to many more fun summer posts!! 

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