June 17, 2012

Lawn Mower Cupcakes

So aren't these just the cutest cupcakes you ever did see? I mean, I guess I am biased since I made them, but I think they turned out quite adorable. If I do say so myself.

You can find the original recipe here, but I'm also gonna lay it out for you below. I just want to give credit where credit is due.


- Frosted cupcakes (keep extra frosting on hand)
- Flaked Coconut
- Green food coloring
- Hershey's Nuggets
- M&Ms (4 brown and 1 red per cupcake)
- Licorice

Ice the cupcakes (I used a yellow box mix) with chocolate frosting. You probably could also use vanilla frosting dyed green to make the coconut blend more.

Put your flaked coconut in a ziploc bag. The bigger bag the better. Take 1 tbsp of water and add a couple drops of green food coloring, then pour over the coconut. Seal the bag, leaving air inside, and shake until the coconut is completely covered. Keep adding small amounts of water/coloring mixture until you get the color you want.

Dip your cupcake in your green coconut and patch up any missing spots.

Frost the bottom of your Hershey's bar and press it into the cupcake. Dab frosting on each M&M, 4 brown for the wheels and one red for the engine and press into place.

The handle was the hardest part to get the way I wanted. The original recipe calls for black licorice but personally, that's gross. So I went with the Pull & Peel to get a smaller handle, but it mostly was just limp. But I 'glued' them on with frosting as much as possible and used a kebab skewer to push them inside the cupcake.

So fun!! And cute. And summer-y!

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