January 7, 2012

New Car

Well, this weekend sure has been interesting.... not to mention stressful!

Joey and I had to buy a car to replace my broken down, really REALLY old Pontiac Grand Am. I'm talking really broken down.. and really old. Like crank windows old.

We shopped around online a bit before actually going to the dealerships, which I am glad we did. I was leaning heavily towards a Ford Focus, because we drove a newer one in Orlando on our honeymoon and it was gorgeous. I know Ford doesn't have a great reputation, but I really liked the feel of that car.

I found a really pretty slate grey 2011 Focus that had some bells and whistles that I liked. A sunroof, for one. Man, I really wanted a sunroof. But then, Joey pointed out that it only had 1 cupholder. That sounds like a terrible reason to not want to buy a car, and of course it is a terrible reason, but coming from a car with only one cupholder, believe me it was a PAIN. So goodbye Ford Focus and your one cupholder. Get with the times.

But besides, it wasn't the worst reason I could find for not buying a car. I'm sure I passed over some great deals just because I didn't want a red car. Or white. Or beige. Ha!

We ended up test driving, and ultimately buying, a 2010 Nissan Sentra. It drives beautifully, the interior is amazing and the mileage was surprisingly low.

Now I have power locks, power windows, keyless entry and an iPod adapter built in my car! Perfect for my brand new iPhone 4s baby. I already have my apple sticker on the rear window. Beautiful.

We are super happy with our big adult purchase and even though our wallet is not as happy, we know it was totally worth it. I went outside this morning and saw it sitting in the parking lot and seriously was shocked that it was our car.. I can finally feel proud of the car I drive.

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  1. Enjoy the car. Hope it lasts as long as the Lumina.