March 6, 2012


I have been a little AWOL recently.. it's been quite an eventful week and a half.

Joey and I put an offer down on a condo, and it was accepted! Only..... the condo association wasn't FHA approved. So even though we were pre approved and the seller accepted our offer, we couldn't get the condo without getting a conventional loan. It was a big let down, but now we are looking at bigger and better things! We have a list of houses that we are super interested in, and our realtor is taking us to see them on Saturday! I am excited... so here's hoping things work out!

In other news, my father is in the hospital. We found he had a heart attack last week and since then, he has been under doctor's care while his body is reacting to the heart attack. I am not going to get into details, but your thoughts are appreciated.

I have taken a few pictures during the week, so I thought I would share them with you below. Enjoy!

Left: Starbucks on our anniversary :) // Right: Chinese food for dinner

Left: The first warm day of the year // Right: Ethyl's for a friend's birthday.. I love this picture!

Left: Girl scout cookie time. YES! // Right: Adorable spring time wreath my sister in law made!

Left: Awesome nail color.. so bright! // Right: Apparently I'm confused about the weather. ha!

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