March 16, 2012

Paper Bow + family trees

Everybody get excited! Tomorrow is my super adorable cousin's first birthday party... and nothing is cuter than babies and birthdays!

But.... something has me perplexed. Is my cousin-in-law truly my cousin? I mean, I guess I could say that Joey's cousin Richard's daughter is turning 1 today and her birthday party is tomorrow, but that sounds so long and drawn out. Especially since we're talking about a one year old.

Can I say she is my cousin, or is that offensive to Joey who really is her cousin?  What if he doesn't care and just stares at me like I have 5 heads? And are they (we?!?) technically second-cousins, and how does that work? AH!!


This stuff boggles my mind. I should not be old enough to buy cars and put offers on houses if simple family tree nonsense trips me up. And I should definitely not have a child of my own. What chaos will ensue after that happens?!

But, regardless of who is who and what relation we are, my adorable little whatever-she-is Alli turned 1 today and tomorrow we are all caravan-ing out to Hannibal to see her! :) I am excited to see everyone and mostly see how big she has gotten. I think the last time I saw her was Christmas-time!

I was browsing Pinterest of course, and found this adorable DIY bow from and had to attempt it for something. I thought, HELLO, why not for this?! And best of all, it came with a free PDF and instructions on how to do it. I LOVE that.

I had to get creative though, as I do not have a color printer.

(Everybody BOOOOO with me until Joey understands that having a brand new wireless C-O-L-O-R printer is seriously in everybody's best interest. Er, namely me.. but whatever.)

So all I did was print out, in grayscale, the bow PDF and cut out the pieces. Then I traced them on the back of a different patterned wrapping paper and continued on with her tutorial. It was easy and I think it looks amazingly cute!

Just as a side note, this wrapping paper is amazing. I bought it when Borders was going out of business and only paid like $1.50 for the roll (normally $6!) so that I could plan my some-day nursery around it.

I felt like it was too cute not to use now, but that's the last present I wrap with it so that I can do fun DIY crafts in 25 years when I decide to have a kid.


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