August 17, 2012

Playing Catch

It has been so hot here lately. I was beginning to think I would never see below the 80 degree mark on the temperature gauge in my car. I've seen some of my friends on Facebook talking about the fall-ish weather where they live, and some of my favorite blogs are already posting about their new favorite Fall clothes.

Today, though.... today it was 64 degrees at 8 am. That is so huge for me! I think it's been colder than that in the morning in recent days, but I don't step outside until 8 am or later on any given day, so 64 degrees was awesome.

This afternoon I went outside with some coworkers and just reveled in the beautiful weather. I lost ALL motivation to work for the rest of the day, naturally, but it was just such a nice break in the day to be able to go outside without sweating to death. I made my coworker come with me so that she would make sure that I came back inside. There was a joke about a retractable leash made. Probably a good idea, though a little weird. ;)

Tonight Joey and I played catch outside for about 30 minutes. We started getting attacked by mosquitoes and it got dark fast, so next time we will plan better and start playing earlier in the night. And wear bug spray. It was fun though... I've always had a special place in my heart for playing catch. I played softball from age 5 to age 11 and ended my 'career' as a catcher. I may not be good at softball, or even just playing catch, and I am definitely terrified of the ball coming straight for my face... but I was never the athlete so I don't feel too bad about it!

I have a lot of fond memories playing catch with my dad when I was very young, going to practice every week, playing huge games of wiffle ball with the neighbor kids and playing t-ball with my younger sister. Softball definitely means a lot to me.

I mean, honestly. I was adorable!

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