August 3, 2012


6 am last Friday. Way too early, but the sky was super pretty. I love wispy clouds!

My super friend Mary bought me a coffee on said Friday. Did I mention she was a super friend?

Coconut Milk mint chocolate chip ice cream. Sounds crazy, tastes delicious. I was lactose intolerant for 8 years.... thinking about going back.

Shower invites I made for my cousin's Bridal Shower.

Keep on the lookout for a DIY soon! ;)

Comfy awesome slippers, even in the heat of August.

I made a new wreath and I'm in love! Check out the DIY here if you want to make your own.

I have a couple more DIY's up my sleeve, including the doily wedding dress above. Keep an eye out! :)

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  1. I just tried that coconut milk mint ice cream a few weeks ago... pretty dang tasty for having no dairy!