March 29, 2013

Clean & Dirty

Taking a cue from my good friend Cayse (not to mention smart), I decided to make cute little 'clean' and 'dirty' signs for our dishwasher!


Joey and I are constantly saying, "hey is this clean or dirty?" before getting a cup or looking for that specific knife (that somehow always is dirty). 

All I did was buy 2 little frames with magnets already attached. I actually found these in the Dollar Spot at Target tonight, so for $1 a piece, I am not complaining. For my signs, I just used scrapbook supplies that I had on hand. Just cute letter stickers and fun borders, cut to fit the frame. I just mounted it all on white printer paper and slid them in the frames. So easy!

Now we have an organizational system that is cute, but also super functional. I just unloaded the dishwasher, so I slapped on the 'dirty' sign and all is good in the world!

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