May 26, 2012



So far this weekend has been pretty good to us.

Actually, Friday at work was TERRIBLE for me. Not anything in particular, just in the nature of my job, holidays are added stress to an already stressful job. Let's just say I worked HARD for my Monday off. Hence, the white peach sangria. Yum.... I could have had a LOT more where that came from, just not at $8 a pop.

Today Joey and I, with the help of our friend Roadie, moved all of the boxes we had packed last week into our storage unit. Moving when it's 94 degrees outside is the worst form of torture, so I really am thankful that the boys did all the heavy lifting. While I was moving boxes in the house for them to take to the truck, I came across a box full of Joey's old toys. As I was rummaging through them, I couldn't help but notice how grotesque boys toys are. I mean, me and my sister grew up with Barbies and dollhouses... and sure I had some trolls too, but they had jewels for belly buttons and bright purple hair... not camo pants and missing teeth! Then out of nowhere I found this Snow White figurine that TOTALLY didn't go with the rest of the toys. She was my fave.

We also stopped by Target tonight, which is essentially my crack. Who needs hard drugs when you can have super trendy home decor and reasonably priced dresses?! I picked up my new cell phone case (obsessed over here!!) as well as a pair of capris, a skirt, some tank tops and the dress above. I am going to wear it to our friend's wedding in 2 weeks. It's hard to tell there, but it's a pretty pattern of purples, oranges and pinks. I love it... and it's perfect for work too.

The last picture up there is just of some boxes we found near the dumpster... SCORE FREE BOXES! And my iMac box... this was not found near the dumpster. ha. We have a long week ahead of us with work and packing and more packing and cleaning. Bah. It would be a lot more fun if we were moving into our brand new house, not into my in-laws guest room. Oh well! The time will come.... hopefully sooner than later!

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